About Us

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About Thai Automation and Robotics Association

Who we are

Thai Automation and Robotics Association (TARA) consists of Thai business community who specializes in automation and robotic systems working together to help transform Thailand to Industry 4.0.

What we do

-  We work with Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) and Center of Robotics Excellence (CORE) to help Thai industry invests in automation and robotic systems.
-  Provide listing of registered Thai System Integrators (SI).
-  Offer training & providing technical knowledge related to automation and robotics to Thai SI.
-  Foster designs and integration for Factory Automation both in terms of prototyping with practical experience which mutually beneficial among parties involved and mega-OEM projects with heavy industry in Thailand.
-  Operating synergistically with the Royal Thai Government to achieve Industry 4.0 with the new 10 S-Curve Industry.

Why Join TARA ?

Get opportunity to know and work with others SI

Earn benefit from Exhibition Organizer for free exhibit as TARA’s member or get space/booth with special price.

Up to date information from government agencies related to Automation and Robotics